Ozren Grbavcic

Co-founder and Head of Events

At your first glance, it is obvious that Ozren is not your typical Croatian. Born in Kenya raised by a Croatian father and by a mother from the Seychelles, Ozren, at a young age, is introduced to different cultures. Whilst living in Nairobi for 12 years, he finishes his studies in French, which proved to be later very significant in his life, as he now works very close to the French market.

Ozren continues his adventure by moving to Croatia in 1990, where we then proceeds to finish his studies in Salzburg, Austria – picking up the German language on the way.

At the age of 16, he organizes his first tour for his classmates to Croatia – and this would lea

d to him focusing his attention on tourism and especially tourism in Croatia. Hence, he decides to finish university in Opatija.

Ozren has been in Tourism for over 20 years. Working for leading tourism boards in the region and for top tourist agencies, he gains the required knowledge and contacts to later open his own company offering taylor-made experiences.

Having successfully built a positive reputation and having become a reliable partner in Croatia for foreign clients, Ozren, together with business parter Nadja Horvatek, opens a new company Illustris Events d.o.o., which is specialized only in Incentive tourism, specialized gourmet and cultural tours and Events.

Ozren is outgoing, friendly and communicative. He enjoys holding presentations whenever he is given the opportunity and will gladly help or advise when asked. Unfortunately, he is slow in replying to e-mails but makes up for it by making sure the events run smoothly, leaving the client positively impressed. Any glitch or unforeseen situation, Ozren considers a challenge and has built a reputation of being a problem solver, with the mentality that “there are no problems but only solutions.“

Event tough he has travelled the world, Ozrens love for Croatia is immense and experiences the region as often as he is able to – especially through gastronomy, since he also has a very high passion for food. These experiences is what he wishes to share with the world.

So look out for him, and start a chat – not to feel his enthusiasm, but for you too to fall in love with Croatia.